Monday, November 17

Reality Check

My home looks like it belongs to one of those hoarders they show on TV.  We've been turning out and doing the place up for a year now, progress is slow.  Watch out horrific pictures of disorganised living coming up. 

This is the craft area.  My course work is taking up more time than I anticipated, you can see it sitting on top of the debris.
The hall where we have been turning out the loft.
The unusable dining area.
The TV area where the boys have scatter bombed it with Lego.
The front door (currently jammed shut) with boxes for the dump stacked up in front of the heating system so we can't turn it on!
With the prospect of spending another Christmas here it just can't stay this way, so here's the plan.  I'm taking Friday through to Monday out (apart from some essential meetings) and planning to blitz it.  If the TV hoarders can clean up there act in 4 days then so can I!!!

Wish me luck?  After photos to follow next week.


Sunday, November 2

Post Holiday Blues

I'm back from a family week away with no internet connection.  It's been glorious weather in wonderful company.  Pictures and news to follow, plus I think a few changes are needed.


Friday, October 31

Friday, October 24

Scooby-Doo impressions

My Friday smile for this week.  What do you wear to a 1960's themed day?

Your best Scooby-Doo outfit of course.
Here's (not-so) Small-n-Grubby dressed as Fred, who just scrapes into the 60's with a first airing in 1969.  Not sure about the hair, that mop is all his own (in case you were wondering).

Happy Friday smiles everyone.


Wednesday, October 22

It's Time For Coats

It's the first day of the school break and I'm sat in the kitchen with the fan heater on.  It's definitely chilly, definitely autumn and definitely time to dig out the warm coats.

My winter coat for the last 2 years has been functional and warm with a sort of hiking style.  It's been to camp, smells of campfires and is looking well used.  In my attempt to (sort of) capsule my wardrobe it is being labelled camping, hiking, gardening and anything else cold with potential mess.  I've then bought not 1 but 2 new coats for this autumn/winter.

This dark navy one from QVC, under their Centigrade label, I hope will take me from shopping to a drink at the pub or a meal out with a good smart yet casual vibe.  it's not waterproof, but I imagine wearing it on occasion when an umbrella will be at hand. 
Centigrade Zip Front Quilt Jacket with Leatherette Trim

I like the collar detail and that it has no belt.  I've worn it already and it was warm and exactly as I'd hoped it would be.

In preparation for heavy rain and the really cold weather my second choice is this one.
The style is very different for me.  It's light weight with minimal padding, I have plenty of that of my own! The length is down to my knees so I can arrive at work without the thighs of my trousers being wet and the reviews I've seen say it's good for keeping the cold winds out.

I was skeptical about the colour.  Should I choose black on a padded coat to be slimming?  In the end I went for it.  I suspect a long coat doesn't suit my 5' 4" frame but I wanted the extra protection from the elements.  I'm sure the right weather to test it out won't be far away!


Friday, October 17

Friday Smile

Joining Annie's Friday smiles this week with a little surprise.
I've had my waist length hair cut off for donation to the Little Princess Trust.  The Dinky Diva had 7 inches cut off hers as well.  Hopefully we have put a smile on the face of a little princess somewhere.


Monday, October 13


Inspired by Krista's post here, I thought I would blog a little update of where I'm at currently.

In front of me right now are Reese's mini peanut butter cups.  No doubt they will be lodging on my thighs shortly!  Keeping me company is this little guy.
I think they like the heat from the screen as I find one hanging around quite often.

Be prepared for gale force winds around southern England this week as we've finally got the fence put back up that blew down in the spring.

No recent spending on craft supplies.  I've been very good turning out and getting tidy ready to have a fully functional creative space.  More on that as it happens.  I have bought some new clothes though as I'm working more hours and all my clothes have become 'work wear'.  New items include this White Stuff shirt to wear under wide neck knits...

and this cute map print cardi...

So I can have something to wear with jeans at the weekend and not feel like it's all work and no play.

My childcare qualifications seem to take up nearly all my spare time at present, but hopefully rearranging my creative space will mean that even 10 minutes to spare can be put to good use.  Well that's the plan anyway.

Expect lots of blog posts on a Monday - it's when I've scheduled the housework into my weekly plan!!